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"Sarpy County District Court is Moving Forward
& Never Lookin' Back!"


MARCH 3, 2018

Dori Heath's campaign has now received 29 endorsements from District Court Clerks all over the great state of Nebraska. These Clerks came to know Dori over her 14 years as a Clerk in Colfax County and when she served as President of the Nebraska Clerks Association.

APRIL 30, 2021

Dori Heath's District Court Office was presented with the Omaha Bar Association's 2021 Public Service Award for the outstanding effort her District Court office put forth during Covid when so much of the economy was shut down. Dori and her staff implemented out-of-the-box thinking to keep the office staff safe, open to the public and the wheels of justice turning. Dori stated, "I am super proud of the team we have put together and how everyone has risen to the occasion throughout the Covid crisis to insure we continue to meet all of our obligations."  Watch the video interview.

AUGUST 19, 2021

Dori Heath attended Sarpy County Chamber of Commerce event. 

SEPTEMBER 16, 2021

Dori Heath attends Greater Bellevue Chamber of Commerce Dinner at the Beardmore Center.

NOVEMBER 6, 2021

Dori Heath participates in Veteran's Day Parade.

JANUARY 2, 2022

Sarpy County District Court Clerk Dori Heath will seek a second term in 2022.


OCTOBER 20, 5, 4:00 PM

PaTricia Freeman Investiture & Reception


APRIL, 2018

Dori Heath Absolutely Rocked The Republican Candidate Forum Friday Night as THE MOST QUALIFIED CANDIDATE! 20 supporters from TEAM DORI showed up at the biggest table in the house decked out in "Dori" t-shirts and stickers with signs to wave as they cheered on their candidate. The event allowed Dori to showcase her Leadership, Experience and Knowledge. Vote for Dori on May 15! She's the candidate everyone's talking about.

MAY 15th, 2018

Republican Candidate Dori Heath pulls off landslide Victory, thanking voters and supporters for believing in her.


Dori Heath maintains promise that she will elevate the level of the office management team by naming Jessica Butts as her Chief Deputy. Jessica brings extensive knowledge of District Court and the State's computer program, Justice.

MAY, 2019

Dori Heath completes her office management team after appointing Amber Matthai as Office  Manager. Amber brings 15 years of strong supervisory experience that will greatly enhance the productivity and efficiency of the office. This is a big part of Dori's overall vision of preparing the office for the future.

APRIL, 2020

District Court Clerk's staff office furniture, dating back 25 years, is finally updated with new cubical office workspaces. Staff is super excited with the new efficient work environment!

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